GRITFULL presents our very own Junior Sports Wellbeing Program for your club.

As professional sportsmen themselves, the GRITFULL team Cameron Bancroft, Ashton Turner and Simon Mackin know intimately the battles a junior athlete faces on the sporting field.

Fear of failure, dealing with failure, the desire to impress others, lack of self esteem, setting high expectations to succeed and trying too hard are just a few of the common battles juniors face today in sport. Combined with that the added pressures around home life and performance at school, being able to manage one’s own mental health and wellbeing today has never been more important.

The GRITFULL team have all spent hours and hours practicing their physical skills to learn only now as professional sportsmen the difference between the everyday junior sportsperson and the very best isn’t solely based on skill level. The secret! How you learn to manage your own mind and your own wellbeing is what separates you from the rest.

Usually programs like this are only offered to professional sporting teams but Ash, Cam and Simon want to share the knowledge they have acquired from their experiences within a high performance environment. The lessons they have learnt will not only help you become your best on the field, it will also help you become your best off the field.

The program uses proven techniques and strategies to help promote positive wellbeing. They want to empower our junior sportsmen and sportswomen with real skills they can use to perform better in their sport but also to help manage their own stress and anxiety leading to a happier life.

The program includes.

  • A 10 day GRITFULL journal challenge.
  • Face to face sessions with “Wellbeing 4 Kids”.
  • Discussion with a GRITFULL team member.
  • Pre-game meditation designed by GRITFULL team member Cameron Bancroft.

Sign your junior sports club up and have a positive impact today!

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