Our Mission

“Through the inspiration of stories and wisdom of experience, we challenge ourselves to have a positive impact on the wellbeing of others.”

About Us

GRITFULL, founded in 2020 by Cameron Bancroft, Ashton Turner and Simon Mackin was created with the goal of promoting greater awareness around positive wellbeing.

As elite athletes they have first hand experience with setbacks and dealing with the pressures that come with that. GRITFULL combines all of that experience to allow people in the community the opportunity to strengthen their own wellbeing.

GRITFULL provides programs and challenges based on positive psychology, self determination and solution-focused coaching techniques. Having lived through all of this themselves in their own careers, they have a greater understanding on how to combat adversity and flourish.

2020 is a year which filled the world with devastation and fear. The global COVID-19 pandemic riddled every country, city and community. Jobs were lost and uncertainty rose to heights we all struggle to internally process.

Uncertainty affects our ability to manage our own wellbeing, and this is where GRITFULL can positively impact everyone in the community.

As our name suggests, the word GRIT has meaning which we feel gives everyone an opportunity to manage their own mental health and wellbeing.

They are....

Gratitude :

Being thankful, appreciative and kind towards life, ourselves and others.

Resilience :

Fight through tough times and turn obstacles into opportunities.

Integrity :

Being true to yourself.

Togetherness :

Having relationships that provide us with a sense of belonging and intimacy allowing us to feel loved, competent and part of a social network.

If you wake up each day and embrace all four of the elements of GRIT we know you will feel FULL or should we say GRITFULL!

Overall our products aim to inspire you to improve your own mental health and wellbeing.

Come run with us to begin your GRITFULL journey.